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Automate Payments.
Reduce Costs.

SPENSIV Cost Strategies is here to automate and modernize the way money flows to your organization's third-party vendors and clients. 


SPENSIV leverages its partnerships with subject matter experts and service providers to help its  clients streamline finance workflow processes.


Once activated, Spensiv will help your organization to: 


Cash Back When Paying Vendors


  Operating Costs, Fraud Risk, Costly Errors


100% Accounts Payable Automation for Process Efficiency

   Digitize & Transform

  Payment Process to Better Manage Vendor Network


 Payment Terms & Discounts with Vendors

   Turn your Cost Center into a PROFIT Center

Our Services

Our Services

Accounts Payable (AP)

  • Eliminate Manual Processing

  • Reduce Processing Costs


Integrated Payables Solutions

  • Single Payment Instruction File

  • Streamlined Payment Efficiency

Card Solutions

  • Virtual Card 

  • Buyer-Initiated Payments (BIP)

  • Straight-Through Processing (STP)

ACH Solutions

  • ACH+ (Flat- Fee Discount)

  • Dynamic Discounting

  • Standard ACH

  • Wire Transfers

Support Consulting

  • Post-Implementation Support

  • Management Advisory

  • Vendor Risk Management

Industrial & Manufacturing                             
Banking & Financial Services                           
Construction & Real Estate                          

Ready to learn more?

In partnership with Priority CPX, SPENSIV welcomes the opportunity to design a custom Accounts Payable program based on your organization's unique goals and objectives.

Watch the video below to discover how the SPENSIV-CPX platform can work for you!



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